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Decade Dialogues: Pre-1960

This is a long, perilous journey that we have begun.  So, we thought it would be a neat idea to occasionally stop and reflect on where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.  What you are about to read is a discussion of our intentionally short period clump of 1930-1959.  After setting up several questions to tackle, we entered into our thoughtful discussion to directly sound off to each other and do some discussion of the period as a whole.  And if you read something that you don’t agree with, feel free to chime in. Continue reading


The Black Cat (1934) – Review 2

Grade: A-

I’m not even going to substantiate this opening remark: I think this is a fantastic little horror film.

As The Man in Black mentioned, so much of the draw for this film is the squaring off of classic horror monster stars Bela Lugosi (Dracula) and Boris Karloff (Frankenstein).  But the movie is quite compelling in its own right and should not be signed off as a Hollywood stunt in the pairing of these two stars.  Continue reading

The Black Cat (1934) – Review 1

Grade: A

I originally discovered The Black Cat when I was doing research for my undergrad thesis paper.  What attracted me to the film was its two stars: Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Together? In the same film? Fighting each other? Sign me up! I had no idea what the film was about, in fact, I suspected the film would be rather ho-hum in comparison to my excitement at seeing Lugosi and Karloff square off.  To my ever-lasting surprise, I was delighted by how much I fell in love with the film (quirks and all) and found that The Black Cat is a vastly underrated horror film. Continue reading