Horror movies are fundamentally bizarre.  Not because of what they depict, but rather how they are viewed.

As children, horror movies are one of those great taboos.  The blood, the violence, the nudity, the sex, the language: all staples of the modern horror film.  But there is more to it.  Even before the genre became a parenting nightmare, horror movies were bringing to life the nightmares of the young and old alike. But as adults, it seems that the genre is generally disregarded as a folly of the youth.

Even young people are seemingly at odds about how to approach horror.  Many people avoid horror movies as if they were the plague, whether they are simply turned off by the grotesquerie or they view the genre as a base exercise in gore and titillation without substance.  Horror films simply do not get respect.  When was the last time that a horror film was even nominated for a major Academy Award?

This is not an attack on the film industry in any way, but it is a defense of horror films.  Why does it feel like the only people who enjoy and recognize quality horror films are automatically lumped into a cult of horror fandom?  It is our simple belief that amidst a sea of disrespect and horrible movies, there are more than enough good horror films out there that we all should see.

But what makes a horror movie good?  And more importantly, what makes a horror movie enjoyable?  Those are our underlying questions.  And with that in mind, we two amateur film enthusiasts embark on a journey to watch and review some of the most important, most unique, and highest quality horror films to be found.

The basic concept of this blog is that We the Reviewers will watch horror films on a regular basis, working through a predetermined but malleable list, and each write our own review of the film.  The List was cobbled together based on rankings from such sites as IMDb, AllMovie, and Rotten Tomatoes, narrowed by what we have and have not seen, pinched down to essentials (ha!) with our own interests, and mixed together with a few of our favorites that did not manage to make those lists.

Also, to clarify, while we both feel that the movies made between 1900 and 1960 are important, our primary concern on this blog will be contemporary American horror cinema.  The foreign films that were selected represent, to us, the horror films that bore either importance to the genre or high notoriety with American audiences.

Along the way, we will also be watching remakes.  For some reason, the horror genre is just rife with remakes.  Recognizing that most horror remakes are simply awful, we are calling these fun reviews.  We hope to gather insight into what made the originals tick so well and have some good laughs along the way.

So, as we trek chronologically through the panic-inspiring pictures of the past (and present), we welcome your thoughts and hope you enjoy our reviews.


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