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A Long While

So it’s been awhile (long while) since we’ve posted anything, and for the handful of readers out there, my apologies.  Life has its way of making everything else come first, and that’s no good.

I’m posting, however, a quick little youtube video I found.  It’s only a minute or so long, but damn if it isn’t scary.  Enjoy!


An Apology

Admittedly, I’m always torn as to whether I want to approach this site as a blog or simply as a movie review site.  But in the interest of being personable, I must mention my lapse of focus.

I cannot claim that I have been busy.  It’s rather more accurate to say that I’ve been distracted.  Since I last posted, I’ve started and beaten Pokémon Black Version, read large piles of comics, finished one book and bit a chunk out of another, watched a lot of episodes of Psych, and moved out of my apartment. Basically, I’ve been entirely negligent of the things in my life that I know are actually important, Scaring Each Other included.

It's time to get back to work... and play. I suppose I could say I'm "mixing work and play," but I'm not "getting back to mixing." I'm getting back to work. This caption is all messed up.

I have no legitimate excuse, and so this is my apology to anybody who has been interested in our little project.  I just wanted to clear the air a little before I got around to posting my Psycho review in the next couple days.  And so I hereby promise to end my derelict ways, announce my candidacy for Resident, and vow to cure hunger, stop the environment, and save cancer.

… Yeah.


Warden Walker

Curse of the Demon (1957) – Review 2

Grade: B+

First off, my apologies for the tardiness. I shall condemn myself by watching endless hours of Friday the 13th films, all the while laughing and uncontrollably being fixated upon the travesty that is the Friday franchise.  However, to the review!

I have not watched a lot of Satanic films, but so far, I’ve been intrigued with the genre, and I desperately want to see more of these types of films.  So I went in to Curse of the Demon with relatively high expectations of the film.  For a plot summation, see Warden Walker’s review of the film.  Much of what I have to add to the film he already covered (effects, mood, etc.), but I wanted to talk more about the protagonist.  And I use the term ‘protagonist’ in the most technical of terms, because to be frank, I found John to be one of the most difficult protagonist to root for in recent memory. Continue reading

Poll: What Would You Like to See?

Alright, after spending my entire Spring Break immersed in a video game, I have decided to try and keep some momentum going since we’ve only barely begun.  And while the Man in Black continues to be overwhelmingly busy with school work, I think I will embark on an adventure outside of our List, a side quest, if you will.  So my question is: What would you like to see me review? Continue reading

And so it begins…

Here starts the place where my buddy and I will take turns looking at the horror movies that we have watched together, picking them apart and putting them back together.  With any luck, we will be looking from different enough views to make this interesting.  We’ll see.