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Supernatural Season 1, Part 2

Average Grade: B

Impala, forest

The Winchesters' hunt for their father leads them into the heart of a national park.

Continuing where the pilot left off, the second episode of the series, “Wendigo,” finds Sam and Dean traveling to Colorado in search of their missing father.  Following the coordinates that he left behind, the brothers wind up in the middle of a national park.  But when they get there, they find that something in the woods has been kidnapping and killing campers for a very long time.  Upon meeting the sister of the latest disappearance, Dean is compelled to help her while an exasperated Sam complains that Dean is getting sidetracked from the hunt for their father.

What is established in the second episode–and solidified in the third episode, “Dead in the Water”–is the formula for the rest of season. Continue reading


Supernatural Season 1, Part 1

Grade: A

Alright, after setting up my poll more than a week ago, the incredibly underwhelming winner was Supernatural.  For those of you who do not know what Supernatural is, it is a television show that has been running on the WB/CW for six seasons now.  (I only caught the first couple episodes of Season 6; I’ve been meaning to catch up.)  It was created by Eric Kripke and premiered in 2005.  The show has enjoyed relative success and a loyal fanbase.  The show follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they take up the family business of hunting.  In this case, hunting refers to the act of tracking down and removing supernatural threats throughout the country, be they vengeful ghosts, vampires, or demons, and generally saving people from the monsters under their beds. Continue reading