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I’ve had a tense couple of days. And I’ve got to tell you, burning someone’s face off sounds like a great way to relax.

An Apology

Admittedly, I’m always torn as to whether I want to approach this site as a blog or simply as a movie review site.  But in the interest of being personable, I must mention my lapse of focus.

I cannot claim that I have been busy.  It’s rather more accurate to say that I’ve been distracted.  Since I last posted, I’ve started and beaten Pokémon Black Version, read large piles of comics, finished one book and bit a chunk out of another, watched a lot of episodes of Psych, and moved out of my apartment. Basically, I’ve been entirely negligent of the things in my life that I know are actually important, Scaring Each Other included.

It's time to get back to work... and play. I suppose I could say I'm "mixing work and play," but I'm not "getting back to mixing." I'm getting back to work. This caption is all messed up.

I have no legitimate excuse, and so this is my apology to anybody who has been interested in our little project.  I just wanted to clear the air a little before I got around to posting my Psycho review in the next couple days.  And so I hereby promise to end my derelict ways, announce my candidacy for Resident, and vow to cure hunger, stop the environment, and save cancer.

… Yeah.


Warden Walker


Decade Dialogues: Pre-1960

This is a long, perilous journey that we have begun.  So, we thought it would be a neat idea to occasionally stop and reflect on where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.  What you are about to read is a discussion of our intentionally short period clump of 1930-1959.  After setting up several questions to tackle, we entered into our thoughtful discussion to directly sound off to each other and do some discussion of the period as a whole.  And if you read something that you don’t agree with, feel free to chime in. Continue reading

Curse of the Demon (1957) – Review 1

Night of the Demon

Grade: B+

As I started to think about how I wanted to begin this review of Jacques Tourneur’s Curse of the Demon, I decided to go find the movie poster first.  And what I found is awesome.  This poster does more to make my point about this film than I could have imagined.  At first glance, the image of the demon is laughable, but stare at it for a minute.  The dark, scraggly fur, the yellow eyes, the absolutely molten lower jaw; there is still something threatening about this goofy looking monster.  Yes, the monster does appear in the film, and yes, this film does still deserve that giant banner simply stating “HORROR!”

The note at the bottom of the poster reading “Skeptical?” is really what this movie is about.  The protagonist, Dr. John Holden (Dana Andrews), is a scientist attempting to disprove and debunk claims of witchcraft, the dark arts, and the powers of Satan.  Unfortunately, when his colleague is mysteriously killed in an “accident” (mauled by a giant demon), Holden refuses to give up his investigation and is targeted by his colleague’s murderer, the nefarious Dr. Julian Karswell (Niall MacGinnis).  Stuck in his stubborn American ways, Holden dangerously shrugs off the continually mounting evidence to the existence of demons and dark magic.  When he finally begins to believe, it becomes a race against the clock to prevent his own death. Continue reading

The Thing from Another World (1951) – Review 2

The Thing movie poster

Grade: C+

I was not expecting much out of this movie.  Sure, it appeared on multiple lists of the top whatever best horror movies, but I wrote it off because it was 1950s sci-fi horror; it screamed B-movie, ripe for Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I mean, the title of the movie is The Thing from Another World.  Come on.  So, my interest in the film and my reasoning for adding it to our list was simply because this was the movie that John Carpenter masterfully remade into his The Thing in 1982, and I thought it would be cool to see the movie that inspired Carpenter.  I didn’t give it a fighting chance.

I knew that I had made a mistake about 30 seconds in, as the first name to appear on the screen was that of Howard Hawks and then the title tore open in that creepy font identical to the one used by Carpenter 30 years later (see The Man in Black’s review).  But as the film continued, I began to think, “Is this a good movie?  More so than I ever could have guessed.  Is this a good horror movie?  …Yes and no.” Continue reading

Supernatural Season 1, Part 2

Average Grade: B

Impala, forest

The Winchesters' hunt for their father leads them into the heart of a national park.

Continuing where the pilot left off, the second episode of the series, “Wendigo,” finds Sam and Dean traveling to Colorado in search of their missing father.  Following the coordinates that he left behind, the brothers wind up in the middle of a national park.  But when they get there, they find that something in the woods has been kidnapping and killing campers for a very long time.  Upon meeting the sister of the latest disappearance, Dean is compelled to help her while an exasperated Sam complains that Dean is getting sidetracked from the hunt for their father.

What is established in the second episode–and solidified in the third episode, “Dead in the Water”–is the formula for the rest of season. Continue reading

Supernatural Season 1, Part 1

Grade: A

Alright, after setting up my poll more than a week ago, the incredibly underwhelming winner was Supernatural.  For those of you who do not know what Supernatural is, it is a television show that has been running on the WB/CW for six seasons now.  (I only caught the first couple episodes of Season 6; I’ve been meaning to catch up.)  It was created by Eric Kripke and premiered in 2005.  The show has enjoyed relative success and a loyal fanbase.  The show follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they take up the family business of hunting.  In this case, hunting refers to the act of tracking down and removing supernatural threats throughout the country, be they vengeful ghosts, vampires, or demons, and generally saving people from the monsters under their beds. Continue reading

Poll: What Would You Like to See?

Alright, after spending my entire Spring Break immersed in a video game, I have decided to try and keep some momentum going since we’ve only barely begun.  And while the Man in Black continues to be overwhelmingly busy with school work, I think I will embark on an adventure outside of our List, a side quest, if you will.  So my question is: What would you like to see me review? Continue reading