An Apology

Admittedly, I’m always torn as to whether I want to approach this site as a blog or simply as a movie review site.  But in the interest of being personable, I must mention my lapse of focus.

I cannot claim that I have been busy.  It’s rather more accurate to say that I’ve been distracted.  Since I last posted, I’ve started and beaten Pokémon Black Version, read large piles of comics, finished one book and bit a chunk out of another, watched a lot of episodes of Psych, and moved out of my apartment. Basically, I’ve been entirely negligent of the things in my life that I know are actually important, Scaring Each Other included.

It's time to get back to work... and play. I suppose I could say I'm "mixing work and play," but I'm not "getting back to mixing." I'm getting back to work. This caption is all messed up.

I have no legitimate excuse, and so this is my apology to anybody who has been interested in our little project.  I just wanted to clear the air a little before I got around to posting my Psycho review in the next couple days.  And so I hereby promise to end my derelict ways, announce my candidacy for Resident, and vow to cure hunger, stop the environment, and save cancer.

… Yeah.


Warden Walker


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